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Nashville based 417 Collective was launched to be a wellspring of resources and creativity for artists.

Specializing in Record Production and Music Video services, 417 was founded in 2017 by Grant Woell.

417 exists to help artists, start to finish from pre-production, songwriting & recording to visual media, bringing their creative visions to life.



[ Record Producer & Music Video Director]


“Loved working with Grant! He took my vision and made it a reality. Super easy going with a lot of good ideas. You won’t regret it!”

-Grace Graber

Recording Artist

"It’s always a pleasure working with 417 Collective. We’ve worked together for years and I really appreciate the creativity and professionalism they bring to every project. I always know I’m in good hands when working with 417 Collective and I highly recommend them!"

- Brian Christ

Wild Road Films

"Grant is unlike any other collaborator.  Great vibes and an incredible record producer!"

- PluX

Big Smile Records

“Grant’s the best there is when it comes to songwriting and production. He can take an idea and turn it into absolute magic!”


- Steven Gold

Pitch Play Music

"Grant Woell has that rare blend of creativity and cost effectiveness where he can give an artist a beautifully visual and effective video without breaking the bank. Always a pleasure having him at my studio."

- Glen Weiss

1087 Studios

"Grant was super amazing. He was attentive to details, and helped me with cutting some vocals. The environment was welcoming and working with him made me feel like Grant was more of a friend than a work partner. You will not be disappointed in production, or work ethic. Great guy all around."

- Josh Fata

Christian Recording Artist

"Grant Woell and I have been friends since 2014 and when the opportunity for us came to collaborate together, the music chemistry between us was an instant success."

- TJ Malana


40430489_10216556385959670_349686672348151808_n (1).jpg

"“Grant is one of my favorites to work with! He is great at envisioning and putting together every project we’ve worked on.”

“Not only does Grant have a great creative mind and talent but he is always prepared, on time, and will have your project done in a timely manner, I highly recommend grant!”

- Dakota Danielle

Nashville Recording Artist


“Grant is a great collaborator. He is very flexible and works well in various situations…whether we are songwriting together in the room, online, or with multiple partners. He presents great vibes in the studio and brings out the best in the artists."

-Greg O' Connor

Emmy Award Winning Composer


“Half of the concern when doing video/photography with a company is getting a feel for the people you’re hiring. Grant is super easy to work with and has a great eye for detail, especially in tight shots. Highly recommended.”

-Mark Lee Townsend

Record Producer



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